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Introducing Blast Dry Ice Cleaning. The most advanced way to restore and protect your vehicle.

Introducing Blast!

Blast, the FIRST and ONLY automotive dry ice blasting facility in New Mexico, offers advanced automotive restoration and preservation services. Blast is well equipped to bring any vehicle, including mechanical components like engine assemblies, suspensions, and transmissions, back to near factory-new condition.


With our cutting-edge dry ice blasting technology, we significantly reduce the hundreds of hours traditionally required to clean components, leading to substantial savings and added value to your collectibles.​  Our environmentally friendly, EPA-approved cleaning method eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and leaves zero residues, making Blast Dry Ice Cleaning the safest and most environmentally friendly way to clean your vehicle. ​


While we have treated daily drivers and track cars, our services are primarily sought after by collectors and antique car owners, as well as those who aspire to turn their cars into show and concours winners. Please take a moment to explore our portfolio of cars and video demonstrations, and do not hesitate to contact us directly to take your vehicle to the next level of perfection.

Dry Ice Blasting is the safest and most effective way
to clean difficult surfaces.


Get to Know Us

After watching hours and hours of dry ice blasting videos online, then noticing there were absolutely 0 options to have the service done anywhere in New Mexico, we decided to do something about it. After a year of sorting out the logistics and perfecting our settings, we are proud to be Albuquerque's FIRST and ONLY Dry Ice Blasting service! 

Here a just a few examples of what can be cleaned with Dry Ice Blasting


Dry Ice blasting is the safest way to clean. Gentle enough to not remove OEM stickers, 100% safe for electronics, great for hoses, and leaves no debris. 


Dry Ice Blasting makes quick work of cleaning these difficult surfaces, leaving zero dangerous debris behind.


 Other than major stains caused by grease or solvents, we can get your wheels looking brand new again, with the exception of worn powder coating.


Often forgotten, but extremely important when your vehicle requires absolute excellence. Subframes, frame rails, transmissions and differentials will be brought back to their original glory. 


Due to the incredible oil removing capabilities of Dry Ice blasting, we are able to unclog the fibers and restore your steering wheel to its smooth, original feel. 


There is no easier way to clean the small, hard-to-reach cracks present in the interior of a vehicle. Dry Ice Blasting is the safe, no-hassle solution you have been searching for.

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry-ice blasting is a form of carbon dioxide cleaning, where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface in order to clean it. The method is similar to other forms of media blasting such as walnut blasting, sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or sodablasting in that it cleans surfaces using a media accelerated in a pressurized air stream, but dry-ice blasting uses dry ice as the blasting medium.  Dry-ice blasting is nonabrasive, non-conductive, nonflammable, and non-toxic. Dry ice is made of reclaimed carbon dioxide that is produced from other industrial processes, and is an approved media by the EPA, FDA and USDA. It also reduces or eliminates employee exposure to the use of chemical cleaning agents. Compared to other media blasting methods, dry-ice blasting does not create secondary waste or chemical residues as dry ice sublimates, or converts back to a gaseous state, when it hits the surface that is being cleaned. Dry-ice blasting does not require clean-up of a blasting medium. The waste products, which includes just the dislodged media, can be swept up, vacuumed or washed away depending on the containment.

What do you need blasted?

8524 Indian School RD NE

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112

(505) 595-1443

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