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Frequently asked questions

You have questions about dry ice blasting and we have answers. 


What can dry ice blasting clean?

Dry ice blasting can remove years of road grime, dirt, grease, water residue, and salt from metal, plastic, and rubber parts. It is gentle enough to clean electrical connectors as well as suede and most cloth interior bits. It is fantastic at removing carbon deposits without the risk of material falling into places where it shouldn't. 

What can't dry ice blasting do?

Dry ice blasting will not remove paint (unless previously damaged), rust, or stained colorations in metal plastic or rubber parts. While it does do a great job, is it not the end all be all for detailing and cleaning, its just a fantastic start to get you 90% of the way there. 

Is there anything to be worried about with dry ice blasting? 

This depends on what you are having blasted. 30 plus year old plastic wire covering, hood and engine bay insulation, tape or silver thermal covers do not fare well with blasting. We do our best to cover these spots before we begin. If your paint is bad or weakly bonded,  dry ice blasting will make things worse in many cases.

What about the environment?

Dry ice evaporates in to CO2 gas, the only remnants are the debris and dirt that have been cleaned from the part or under carriage of your car. This is easily swept away and discarded. 

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